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Renlive Cosmeceuticals


Plant-based derma-functional active ingredients


The use of plant-derived derma-functional active ingredients, all using high concentrations of active ingredients. Renlive guarantees maximum effectiveness for an immediate and long-lasting result.


Renlive cosmeceutical line was born from the direct collaboration between dermatologists, chemists and cosmetologists, following the most modern research on biology and skin physiology.

The secret behind Renlive quality

Cosmeceuticals are always produced and packaged in small batches, in order to guarantee freshness, safety and effectiveness of the formulations. In addition, all Renlive cosmeceuticals are produced in a sterile environment and the finished products are packaged in deformable containers, such as tubes, soft bottles and airless packs, guaranteeing the formulation from contamination of external agents and allowing to minimize the use of preservatives. The research, implementation and production of Renlive products are carried out according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

the secret to

Renlive Product Range


The Rigenera line, with its exclusive formulas, helps to strengthen and regenerate the epidermis and nourishes the skin making it radiant and plumped. Combats natural genetic aging as well as premature aging caused by environmental factors that damage the skin.


Dry Sensitive line is formulated with calming and soothing active ingredients, which educate sensitive skins into being less reactive, and therefore more resistant to external attack and pollution.


These products, developed for oily skin, contain specific ingredients that purify, hydrate the most superficial layers and fight bacterial proliferation. A mild action detergent reduces the risk of the rebound effect which would further increase the production of sebum.


High-performance formulations thanks to the active ingredients used and the proven effectiveness of their properties. They are the ideal choice as an integration to any home treatment and represent the essential and quality tool to strengthen the results obtained. Each product has been developed to combat a specific problem and indications are provided on how to integrate each product in the different specific


This line was conceived with the aim of taking care of the skin of the body throughout the year, to maintain a harmonious silhouette and elastic skin. The variety of products responds to every aesthetic problem: cushions, roundness, dry skin, skin laxity. In addition, the delicate fragrances of the products, born from the wonderful alchemy between aromatic essential oils and plant extracts, spread dynamism and good mood to body and spirit.


This sun care line features Biotec’s “Easy on the skin” and “Easy on DNA Protection” for easy application and all-round protection of cellular DNA. It also contains the “Accelerating suntan process” activator and the after sun contains the “No-stress soothing repairing” formulation to prevent skin stress caused by sun.


Renlive Cosmeceuticals products have been formulated to meet the precise aesthetic needs of the skin and with original functional characteristics , for the treatment and resolution of skin problems. 

Formulated in an extremely balanced way, with particular attention to the choice of raw materials that are subjected to countless tests of purity and effectiveness. 

The scientific research of the Renlive Cosmeceuticals laboratories has created an absolutely pure vehicle, completely free of useless or sensitizing substances.